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Trafilea creates and expands disruptive, customer-first global brands online. We design, manufacture, promote, sell and distribute our own products.

Every step we take, we’re hell-bent on creating social impact that is bred inside the organization and permeates towards our brands

We take care of the entire customer journey, delivering wow-worthy experiences that positively influence and empower millions of customers in the US and worldwide.

Get Ready for Some
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How we are?

We are data-driven enthusiasts, passionate about marketing, exponential technologies and innovation, leading the global, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer retail transformation.

Experts in online marketing with a world-class ability for online customer acquisition and branding strategies which have resulted in +150% year-over-year profitable growth.

What is Working
at Trafilea Like?

A bustling melting pot of amazing people

Founded by millennials, at Trafilea you’ll find a dynamic family comprised of the smartest people you’ll ever meet - and they want to know what you think! Be prepared to speak up, engage in invigorating debate, laugh (a lot!) and learn from some of the most undercover experts you’ve ever worked with.

Just from anywhere you want

We favor remote ways of working, proudly employing 200+ freelancers from over 14 countries, who work from anywhere they want.

Coaching for a constant learning experience

A big part of our budget is dedicated to coaching, courses and investing in our own people - wherever they are. Remote and in-house sessions make growing and amplifying your skills at Trafilea not just a possibility, but a reality. Working here is a bona fide, constant, skyrocketing boost to your work experience.

You’ll take care of your career - but also your mind, body and soul

Exercise, meditation, healthy eating, gratitude habits, positive feedback initiatives… we’re here to help you find purpose and meaning in your life beyond your work responsibilities.

This has become a main advantage and one of the very means by which we actually comply with our main mission: changing people's lives.

This is how we have fun!

Work hard, play hard. Sounds clichéd, but boy is it true for Trafilea! Such a bright, driven team means we are always having something to celebrate - a major accomplished goal, a fellow coworker’s birthday, the end to a great year or even just a moment to relax in the company of some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet.

Perks & Benefits

Computer Subsidy

1. Computer Subsidy

Need a new computer? We’ll cover part of the cost so working can finally be a breeze. No more frozen pages, endless updates and lousy WiFi connections!

Paid Vacations

2. Paid Vacation

Being as free as a freelancer can be doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to rest. At Trafilea, you get 15 days of annual leave to do as you please. Maybe move to a new location?

Performance Bonus

3. Performance Bonuses

Your contribution from your permanent position at Trafilea will not go unnoticed. We offer a generous bonus plan based on performance that will have you itching to start new projects.

Referral Program

4. Employee Referral Program

We are an expanding family - and love hiring only the best. Think you know of someone who fits the bill? Let us know and you’ll be compensated accordingly ;-)

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