We are an e-Commerce group that builds and expands transformative brands online.

Trafilea is one of the top 25 Companies For Remote Jobs per

Trafilea is an e-commerce group that builds direct-to-consumer global brands, all powered by meaningful purposes.

We deliver experiences, launch movements, lighting up communities of millions in the US and worldwide. We transform industries by solving problems and improving lives.

In Control
Innovation, growth & scale

The Trafilea team is composed of fast-paced and ambitious doers. We are data-driven thinkers, passionate marketers, and tech innovators.

Leveraging our proven ability for profitable customer acquisition, data and proprietary technologies, we are a leader of the DTC intimates & apparel digital transformation.

0 to $200 MM in two years

A Global DTC Brand that offers a curated selection of bras, shapewear, leggings and underwear from coveted brands.

Our mission is to shape the lives of our customers by providing everyday essentials that support all body types, shapes, and sizes, and by inspiring confidence and embracing body positivity.

Shapermint has become one of the fastest growing apparel companies of the year.

Truekind delivers ultra-comfortable, high-quality bras for modern, vibrant, on-the-go women of all shapes and sizes.

Our best-seller bra is already one of the highest-selling styles in the US.

Shapermint Essentials is SupportiveWear for every body including shapewear, undies, leggings and more at affordable prices. Our mission is to shape the lives of our customers by providing everyday essentials that support all body types, shapes and sizes.

The Spa Dr offers clean and natural skincare products and programs to help customers achieve a healthy and rejuvenated skin appearance. Our goal is to educate and empower individuals to make positive changes in their skincare routine for long-term wellness.

Our products and brands have been featured in media around the world.

A great team
Leading the new way of remote working

Trafilea has been remote since its inception.

Remote-working isn’t just one of our main advantages as a company, it’s the foundation of our agile office landscape.

This landscape awards us with fast growth and global talent access, increases our company productivity, and most importantly, provides life-changing opportunities for many of our talents.

We’ve been featured in Forbes as one of the Top 25 companies to work remote, so we must be onto something.

A truly global experience you will love!

Want to work from anywhere and make a real impact on the world? Our talented team is looking for dreamers, doers and seekers to help us grow our life-changing brands (and themselves too).

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Always growing
and thinking bigger

Driven by a strong desire to learn and grow, we have courage and nothing sounds impossible for us.

We go the Extra Mile
to Stand Out in All We Do

We are passionate about what we do, we always aim for excellence and strive to grow together while we reach our goals.

with discipline

We are self-disciplined individuals, we do things when they need to be done. We continuously improve our habits and master routines to achieve operational excellence.

Work Smart
and Learn fast

We are fast-learners, we continuously plan and prioritize 20/80 activities to maximize the impact of our efforts.

with confidence

We are self-confident individuals, we have conviction, we believe in ourselves and inspire confidence in others.

Preserve the
company’s future

We always prioritize, decide and behave to preserve the company’s future.

Bring on the

We see every experience in life, those we like and dislike, as an opportunity for learning and growing.

Spread love

We are appreciative and grateful people. We care personally. We show affection to all beings. We love ourselves.

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