What we do

We build great Direct-to-Consumer brands!

We light up movements, build strong communities and create digital brands around meaningful purposes that transform industries.

We own the brands and take care of the entire customer journey: designing, manufacturing, promoting and delivering wow-worthy experiences to influence and empower millions of people in the US and worldwide.

We are expert online marketers with a world-class ability for profitable customers acquisition and branding strategies which resulted in three digits, year over year, sustainable growth.

Our last life-changing brand

Meet Shapermint

Shapermint is a multi-brand, shapewear exclusive, online store that provides a one-stop-shop for women looking to solve all their shapewear needs and boost their confidence.

What sets us apart is our MOVEMENT. We want to start a revolution - a movement where women aren’t embarrassed to use shapewear and feel empowered to live up to their full potential. This is our REAL purpose.

Since launched in 2018 we achieved amazing milestones!

0 to 50$ Million in first 9 months

1 Million+
US customers

20+ Million visitors

1+ Billion

Leading the new way!

150+ people Working from anywhere they want

Founded by millennials in May 2014, we favor remote ways of working, proudly employing 150+ freelancers from over the world, who work from anywhere they want. This has become a main advantage and one of the very means by which we actually comply with our main mission: changing people’s lives.

Promoting happiness habits plays a big role on this too: from physical wellness through exercising, meditation and healthy eating, to finding gratitude, meaning and purpose in all we do.


A truly global experience you will love!

Want to work from anywhere and make a real impact on the world? Our talented team is looking for dreamers, doers and seekers to help us grow our life-changing brands (and themselves too).

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Our Values

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